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We are a classic diamond & jewelry company located in the New York Diamond District for almost 40 years, that still offers traditional personal service, with an expertise in Natural Fancy Color Diamonds.

Build a custom eternity band or bracelet

Choose from our layouts of white and Fancy Color diamonds to build an eternity band or bracelet in the exact shape, size, and quality you want

Natural pink diamonds

Browse our collection of GIA certified natural pink diamonds, available in all price points!


Advantages of buying from industry professionals:

•True white diamonds and not ‘Top Light Brown’ or ‘Top Silver’

•All stones are ‘eye clean’, with no visible imperfections, checked by a diamond expert

•No hazy stones mixed in, to guarantee full brilliance and sparkle

Namdar Diamonds Showroom
Don't want to buy a diamond without seeing it?
We don't blame you!

We have retail partners throughout the country who will show you the diamond you want to see, in a well known showroom near you. Just let us know where, and we'll take care of the rest.