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Namdar Diamonds

Specialists in Natural Fancy Color Diamonds

Daniel & Sammy Namdar
The Namdar Family

Founded in 1984, Namdar Diamonds was one of the pioneers in the natural Fancy Color Diamond market. Sammy Namdar had built a reputation in the industry for honesty, and sourcing beautiful stones, and quickly became one of the leading color diamond suppliers to jewelry manufacturers and retailers around the country. Namdar Diamonds now uses their expertise to manufacture fine jewelry - from classics to original and bold designs that give these diamonds the platform they deserve. Other companies may carry Fancy Color, but we are Fancy Color; it’s been in our DNA for generations.

Daniel Namdar

Why Namdar?

There are many online diamond websites, but they've turned buying a luxury diamond into impersonal online bargain hunting. There is more to buying diamonds than a certificate checklist, and price matching. We, the owners of the company that buy and sell Fancy Color diamonds everyday; offer personal service throughout your purchase. From explaining what we sell and what affects the price, offering options, and making sure your dream piece of jewelry is done to perfection.

The Mystery of Color Diamonds

There is so much more to color diamonds than what’s written on the certificate. Some pinks are muddy, some are sweet. Some blues have a steely gray hue, some are more pastel. How do modifying colors affect the value? These are just some of the reasons why you need to be buying a color diamond from a professional.

Pink Diamond Ring
Our lifetime promise

As we have illustrated, we are more than just a website; we are a diamond family and our customers join that family. Namdar promises the finest craftsmanship on all of their pieces which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on any defects in manufacturing or workmanship, promising to stand by our product and our customers forever.

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